“Friend of the Devil” YouTube Guitar Tutorial

4/12 Update

Oh irony – I’ve been emailing with Sascha (mentioned below) and he let me know I had misgendered him. As a female named Connor, you’d think I’d be better about confirming this stuff. Apologies, Sascha! Sascha was also kind enough to provide an updated music sheet showing the dropped D tuning, which I’m posting below.

Hello! Thank you for all of the lovely messages. It’s so great to hear from everyone all over the world. Many of you have asked how to play my version of this song – here is a step by step guitar tutorial. Happy playing! xoxo Connor

When your fingers get sore, please enjoy this Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the cover, or find more of my music here.

Fellow strummer, Sascha shared this sheet music she made with me – feel free to use it if it helps you. As you can see, she plays it just fine using standard tuning. Thank you, Sascha!

Sascha V2