Seattle-based DIY lyric poet and folk-soul musician Connor Desai is struggling along with the rest of us in this climate of regression following the disappointing 2016 election.

In response, this holiday season Connor has crafted a deeply-spirited reinvention of “O Holy Night” into a timeless and yet contemporary plea of feminine strength and human empathy.

The single is reinterpreted to acknowledge the spirituality and sacredness of life being born. It is based on the birth of her own daughter, to reclaim the territory that she feels has both been taken from women, and what they have freely given away. She is using her skills to protest the false pretense that women’s submission is required to make a happy home (man).

“The more I observe, the more I see that this is not uncommon. The practice of secrecy in individual, intimate partnerships has, in some capacity, given rise to this publicly oppressive legislation.”

This double A-side single (part of an eventual EP early in 2017) also features “Killing the One Who Believed in Your Love.” Within its vulnerable melancholy is an impassioned take on the misinformed ideal of surrendering personal/feminine territory in exchange for familial peace. “The decision to reclaim oneself,” Connor says, “often requires women to grieve someone who is still living, or an ideal which was part of them.” She has metaphorically overlapped this concept with the experience of abortion. “In both cases, the ‘choice’ is often painful and harrowing, a last resort transaction for women.”

Connor is not promoting these songs in a typical music campaign, instead making them available for people to hear via digital distribution channels if they need it. “The hours I’ve spent in conversation with women in my community, reading personal testimonies on Facebook’s Pantsuit Nation, engaged with students in my classroom and my own children, are all propelling this desire.”

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Previous Praise:

“Connor Desai’s new collection of charming folk pop – Scratch Pop – features impeccable bedroom production with subtle electronic elements supporting her relaxed original songs. It’s perfect music for taking your time getting out of bed on a Sunday morning, or for romancing that special someone over drinks on the back porch.”
–Abe Beeson, KEXP/KPLU



Watch Connor and Queen Anne Elementary’s kindergartners sing their original song, “Kind, Safe, and Fair”:

Watch Connor and Queen Anne Elementary’s 4th graders sing their original song, “It’s Time to Learn”:

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