“Friend of the Devil” featured in Netflix’s “The One”

My spin on the Grateful Dead classic premieres on Netflix tomorrow

Update 3/16: Wow! The show is #3 in the U.S., and I did not anticipate this kind of response. Clips like this one (by Netflix Reviews) of the final scene are are popping up on Youtube, along with a new artist page on Tunefind. The song has been Shazammed 6,000+ times in the past couple days. Thank you to all of the folks (Deadheads!) who have made the effort to reach out and find me.

Update 3/12: I watched the last five minutes of episode 8 where the song is featured. It was a surreal experience and one I will not soon forget! They cranked the song way up in the sound mix, which was awesome and unexpected. I believe I have Chris White at House of Sound for that – his bold choice of bringing the vocals up in the mix, and for bringing in Jamie Frost (of The Makers) on lap steel.

I checked my phone as I always do, despite knowing this is the worst way to start a morning. But then…what’s this? An intriguing email from a UK address.

“Set five minutes in the future, “The One” follows events after a scientific breakthrough has allowed people to use DNA testing to find their ideal partner. But even perfectly matched couples have secrets, and “The One” follows some that have shocking and deadly consequences, as well as the wider explosive implications of DNA-based pairings. Based on the celebrated John Marrs novel.”

Would I be willing to license my version of “Friend of the Devil” for an upcoming Studio Canal/Urban Myth production? Could I send over an uncompressed version?

Having received unsolicited requests like this in the past, I was skeptical. They often lead artists to believe they’re about to sign deal, only to end up at a payment page for “membership” in “licensing opportunities.” (NEVER pay up front for anything, save the cost of recording.)

I googled the sender. He was an actual person at a licensing agency with the title “music supervisor.” First hurdle cleared.

Then there was the issue of finding an uncompressed version of the song. I released the album, “Use Your Hands” 10 years ago. Luckily, I found a copy conveniently located in a storage space under the eaves of my house.

The next three months consisted of more hurdles, from paperwork snafus to getting the final OK from the director. To distract myself, I read “The One,” with fingers crossed that it would all work out. The book reminded me of my days as a UW undergrad, studying in London and devouring trashy British paperbacks on the tube. It’s a quick and crazy read.

The song plays in the final scene of episode 8, the season finale. In the esteemed tradition of Team America, during a montage. This could be a spoiler: Someone takes the DNA test, someone gets pregnant, and someone gets murdered.

I can’t say I ever pictured my music being played over a murder scene (I’m more of a wedding singer type) but hey, anything for “The One.”

Did you watch the show? Let me know what you think!